02 October 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Ginga and Booboo, playing tag with the bunny or hunters extraordinnaire ?

Last week-end, Ginga and Booboo took their usual stroll down to Munga Park. It was a beautiful afternoon, sun shining, sky "blueing", birds chirping....
Suddenly, Ginga and Booboo decided to put their "tag team hunters" hat on and Booboo made a mad dash towards a suspicious bush. Ginga was lagging a bit behind but as we would soon find out, it was all by design. Booboo's effort were rewarded by a rabbit running out of the bush for safety. Unfortunately for the rabbit, he did not see soon enough that the Ginga was awaiting for him. A desperate sidestep attempt by the hare was met by the heavy paw of the Ginga, hammering the toothy one's head down onto the ground ( To give you an accurate picture, it looked as if Ginga wanted to give the rabbit his patented manly high-five only for the rabbit to present its head instead of its paw. A classic case of high-five gone horribly wrong ).
From here on, the interpretation of the event is subject to controversy. Here is what I think happended (officer):
Ginga, puzzled that the rabbit seems to not know the rule of tag play and just lay down on the grass, tried to wake him up by giving him a few licks and even attempted CPR on the sleeping rabbit . When the licks and the CPR failed, Ginga realized the seriousness of the situation and took the rabbit in his mouth very carefully and brought him into the pond in a desperate attempt to revive him.

Alas the water method also failed so Ginga finally agreed to let go of the bunny friend and let the humans try their own rescue methods (i.e dispose of the hare properly). Clearly distraught at the turn of the events, Ginga and Boo howled as the one with the puffy tail was taken away.
Of course, this is one interpretation of the events. You could have decided for yourself if the human (me) with the video camera knew how to push the right buttons and record the events properly.
One could also think that the Ginga/Boo were merely acting on their "hunter" instincts and that no attempt at rescuing the rabbit were made by them. I firmly believe that they just wanted to play tag with their new strange looking friend. Not unlike Lenny in "of Mice and Men", Ginga misjudged his phenomenal strength and played a little too rough with Mr. Roger Rabbit.


Amrita said...

I'm sure they were just playing tag...they look too adorable to be hunting...

video said...

Uhm.... so they killed the rabbit? :-(

lova said...

that is also what I believe. However, the council of rabbits in our neighboorhood is staging a protest outside our apartment. We have no comment at this time.
> Video,
technically,....hum,...yes....it was pretty sad actually. :( The quickness of the humans are not quite up to par yet in order to prevent the accident and stop the doggies. There were lots of yelling but without a leash....:(
We all hope the rabbit is now in a better place where there are plenty of carrots and no tag teaming doggies.

The Visitor said...

So rabbits/hares are not all that imaginary after all. Even when our wishes are granted things turn out so sad. *sighs*.