28 October 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

origins of the GB's

(border collie)



That's my take on the origins of the GB's but feel free to disagree :)


Shilpa said...

hmm interesting! and your dogs are adorable... though i still think my apso/pom mix is hard to beat in the cuteness department :D

lova said...

Hello shilpa,
I will look up the apso/pom mix but I won't tell Ginga/Boo that their cuteness is being challenged :)

e said...

very nice post.
p.s. wonder what Fei is????

Any ideas?

Fei & E

imei said...

Fei is a 1/2 lab 1/2 collie ?

Ellee said...

Lassie looks really cute, we had one when I was a child called Monty, this pic brings back memories.