25 September 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Eyes are the window to the soul

BooBoo's eyes... they do look quite wolf-like but i think he was just annoyed that I wouldn't let him rest. Do you smell what the BooBoo is cooking?

do you see the wolf in me?

BooBoo was crashed out on the sofa the whole weekend... hope he's not coming down with something.

rest dog rest

border collie mix on couch

Ginga's very calm. He's just waiting for instructions from me as to what to do next.
german shepherd dog eyes

Does Ginga want to be an elephant? He's getting there with the eating... if only he could figure out how to get his nose bigger.

dog wants to be elephant

OK he found that comparison funny...

German Shepherd Dog Smile


video said...

Gosh... so adorable!

e said...

awww hope booboo's just tired, that's all.
hehe, Ginga wants to grow his nose!

nice shots.
Fei & E

lova said...

awesome pics, !!!
I think Booboo is way more fierce than this:
the rock
Ginga is a gas :) !

Mosilager said...

thanks you three! booboo seems better today, at least his begging for food and so on are at normal levels. He was also very well behaved during the walk, unlike Ginga who scared a couple of people by barking at them and at BooBoo... bad Ginga.

BooBoo vs. the Rock ha ha who would win?

The Visitor said...

Well, one of my sons had very modest ambitions - when he was 10 weeks old, he met a 8 week old Lab, since then it was his dream to grow as big as him.


Rohini said...

Those are really amazing pictures. There may be money to made in selling that picture of BooBoo's to someone's making a film on a werewolf :)

How's BooBoo's leg?

Amrita said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :)
I want a dog toooo... :/

BooBoo was probably jsut tired...i crashed on the couch all weekend as well...hehe.

Ginga is adorable...post more pictures of him laughing.... :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Ginga and Booboo - looks like there's another slave in the making - *wicked grin*

Mosilager said...

visitor i think ginga gets scared of dogs stronger than him so he wants to be the biggest and strongest. don't know what was motivating your son!

rohini sure... you're sitting the capital of hindi cinema so if you can get BooBoo any werewolf contacts in the movies we'd be very greatful :) good excuse for him to meet ayaan too!

amrita yup yup doggie fever bites... too bad you can't take ginga's lookalike abby... i'm sure your manhattan apartment won't take the strain of a doggie like that.

visitor2 just converting 'em with the blog, one individual at a time :) maybe i should add owning a pet to the requirements of my new religion!

Terri said...

That Ginga is one gorgeous hunk! At the same time, he has a certain kind of vulnerability that would make a soft-hearted person want to kiss him on the nose.

You were right. Ginga and I have the same honey-colored, limpid eyes that can speak volumes. (It’s a pity that the duffers around me have no clue what I’m saying most of the time.)

Anonymous said...

LOL@Terri - yeah, limpid, melting eyes - they are the characterestic of our clan too.

Hey Ginga - How's your new girlfriend terri?


prachi said...

how sweet ur boo boo is....
so cute..

Cleo the cat said...

(clearly envious of all the love for the doggies :) )
"Guys, I'd hate to burst the Ginga and Booboo lovefest bubble but there was again spilling of the trash all over the kitchen last week and the rabbits are stagging a protest in the backyard for the excessive hunting :). What ? Someone had to say it...Now, how about MY limpid green eyes ? :) "

Mosilager said...

Terri very eloquently put, maybe you should move into journalism instead of your mommy, masterful prose their.

Visitor I've had to delete about 3 spam comments so far since disabling the word verification... so it hasn't been so bad Don't give Ginga ideas, no girlfriends until he turns 13 at least, and then I will pick a dog from a suitable family.

Prachi thanks, booboo sends you a kiss and asks if your appreciation of beauty extends to giving him cheesesticks and letting him chase squirrels and rabbits around your house ;)

Mosilager said...

cleo hey your new daddas the CCs haven't written anything about you and refuse to let us meet you... what's up with that? you should tell your ex daddy and mommy to write the rabbit story, I wasn't even there. Ginga and BooBoo deny all knowledge of trash hunting, when I asked them, they said, "What, what nonsense?" They feel strongly that you set them up somehow. Cat hair was found among the trash.

Anonymous said...

OOPs I made a blooper -terri happens to be male! :)

Ajay said...

darlings aren't they