31 October 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

BooBoo birthday

BooBoo's aunty the Doc baked him a cake for his 4th (=28th) birthday:


BooBoo's friend "Sunshine aka half of the CC" having a good time with him.


The doggies and humans (except me because of the thesis) went to the park and had a good time!



OK where are the rabbits? If we hunt together we can get one!

And actually they did... BooBoo chased one out and Ginga went after it, the rabbit had a narrow escape because it got stuck in a fence until Lova and Sunshine went to the rescue (of the rabbit).

The birthday was tiring... now they are relaxing at home:


Ginga decided to play doctor again and inspect BooBoo to make sure it wasn't an imposter:

I think Ginga was satisfied but BooBoo wanted a further checkup.


Rohini said...

Happy Birthday BooBoo

e said...

awww very nice pics. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO BOO!!
Hope you had a good one.
To Boo boo and ginga's human, hurry up on the thesis !! Your doggies are getting impatient.

Fei & E

Amrita said...

Happy Birthday BooBoo!!!! :-)

video said...

Huppy Budday Booboo!

imei said...

To all, thank you so much for wishing Booboo well. We did have a lot of fun, didn't we Booboo ?

Mama Fusla said...

too bad, I beat you to it.
I went as Borat with my 1st Wiiife
The farmer lady with saggy boobs :)

Anonymous said...


Luks like you all had a luvly time... The doggies, humans and.. Errr.. You.. Lol..



Mosilager said...

yes... thanks rose... the famed mallu sarcasm, hey? never lets up :~

Ellee said...

BooBoo is very lucky to have such a special cake with a bone! He is very spoilt. My son would like a golden retriever or a labrador, at the moment we have a cat, four fish and a bunny.

Anonymous said...


Btw.. the cake luked juicy.. Slurrrrrrp!!!

I wud luuuv to meet The Doc Aunt.. Wudnt mind being a pet to her for a piece of that cake... :D



Mosilager said...

Ginga would make short work of the bunny unfortunately, we've been trying to teach him that 'rabbits are friends, not food' but i think he only hears 'rabbits are food'. BooBoo only got very small bits of the icing, the humans were too fast for him and gobbled up the cake. Hope your son finds the right doggie soon, it's very rewarding, good for learning responsibility and leadership and all that ;)

i'll pass on your comments...

Anonymous said...

booboo is a big boy .. 28 ;) such a hot age :P .. hmm...
cake n all thats ace.. :P

Your Teacher said...

A very hippy happy birthday to you.

Anonymous said...

the cake's very creative .. was it for you guys or the dog? did the dog like it? Looks like u have chocolate sprinkles on it.

Mosilager said...

thanks isha and your teacher

nabeel the cake was for the humans... booboo got a very little bit of the icing for behaving very well.

Anonymous said...

this template is awesome except it'll take me a while to get used to the comments on top :P lol