15 November 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

For Ginga's B'day....

We have been a bit lazy here on the Boonga Blog lately. Mosi has a valid excuse, for the rest...hummmm :(. Today is children's day and it is also Ginga's birthday. So to make up for the lack of post, here is not one, not two but 3 videos of the Boonga world:
1st video: Happy Ginga: soundtrack:" Joy to the world" and "Snickers song"
Sing with us:
" Little Ginga was a Bullfrog, a very good pet of ours...Joy to the world, to the dogs and lords, Joy to the doggies in the big blue sea, Joy to GingaBoo"...
Ginga, captain of the "flying steak".

2nd video: Booboo dance on the bed to celebrate Ginga's day.

3rd video: kitty's wearing..something for the party.

Happy children's day !!!!


Anonymous said...

YAY!! Happy Birthday Ginga! :-) I hope your daddy gave you lots of presents....otherwise be sure to chase him around till he does ;-)
And hi BooBoo :)

Karen Shanley said...

Happy Birthday Ginga! Your daddy must love you very much to take not one, not two, but THREE videos of you on your big day!!!

Mosilager said...

no he didn't get any presents yet, he will once I'm all thesis'd out

it was the uncle Lova who posted the videos... but I love ginga very much. if i wasn't thesising out i would definitely have made a doggy cake for him.

e said...

Happy Happy Birthday!
I betcha got lotsa love and hugs and sloppy kisses?

Here's another for ya!
Fei and Eve