09 March 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

Life with 2 doggies

Life's like this with 2 doggies:

1. When one behaves like an angel the other one behaves like the devil. 5 minutes later they switch.

2. A dog is man's best friend. 2 dogs means one of them loves the other more than he loves you *sniff

3. You only have to clean one dog's ears. The other one gets all the yummy ear wax licked off by the first one.

4. You thought you had to vacuum a lot with the first one. The second one quadruples the amount of hair lying around.

5. They get away with any sort of trash raiding and other such illegal activities - you can never tell who did it.

6. They thrive on each other's excitement. This involves them hurtling into you and your sensitive electronic equipment faster and decibel levels reaching heights that even Beethoven couldn't stand, despite his deafness.

7. The insult of one peeing on the other can be rectified only by the act of the victim covering the offender's pee with his own.

8. The distance from strangers where they will start wrestling with each other and growling loudly is inversely proportional to the amount of fear the strangers have for them.

9. He who eats slower gives the appearance of eating more to the other one. This is an important step of high status.

10. Begging for table scraps is a social activity that must be performed with all four-leggeds in a synchronised manner.

11. Chasing rabbits and squirrels is also a social activity that must be performed in a synchronised manner.

12. BooBoo to Ginga - "Hey, the two-leggeds are coming. You jump, I'll bark."

13. Ginga to BooBoo - "There's a nice piece of grass. I think I'll go and sniff it." (Yes, before you ask... G would say the same thing if you substitute _ for gr).

14. You would think they would keep each other amused. But no, they look to the humans for entertainment. Doggies, we're just not that smart to come up with new games every day. Oh, treats are an OK replacement?


Ellee said...

I can tell you are very fond of your dogs, they are great companions.

Rohini said...

Hilarious. Especially love the grass- ass one. :)

Author Mom DogNut said...

Oh, this should become an instant classic! Too true. All of it, too true!!! LOL!

lova said...

13 "There's a nice piece of grass. I think I'll go and sniff it."
This line is so good at so many levels :). Ginga is the last true rock star: drugs, sex and happiness.

Mosilager said...

ellee yes we love them, did you ever get the doggie for your son?

rohini :)

author mom dognut love the new name, describes you perfectly, although I would have probably said mom dognut author. I think it has become an instant classic with your endorsement, you are the only published author I know :D

lova not so much the sex since the operation but definitely the dude is on something, he's so happy all the time.

imei said...

He's on booboo and his mommy (memememememe.....)