13 September 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Dog for doc II and Ginga Boo

Ginga really loves to lay his head on daddy's lap...


BooBoo enjoying quiet time...


This is Abby... she's looking for a home... she looks a lot like Ginga, except with floppy ears and maybe shorter hair (?).



Abby's being fostered right now so to get more information please email alindsayATpurdueDOTedu. According to her foster mom she gets along well with dogs and cats, is housetrained and spayed, pulls on the leash :) and generally sounds a lot like Ginga.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this info about Abby. She is a sweet dog. She would be interested in playing with Ginga - do you guys have a dog park membership? We go every single evening.

Rohini said...

Hey what's BooBoo still doing in the cage? How is the healing process going?

Ellee said...

If we lived closer we would love a home, but my cat is very territorial, he may get very jealous.

lova said...

Oh my ! Abby is Ginga ! (with weights on the ears and a more feminine "je ne sais qoi" :) )
>Rohini, Booboo is doing much better, he is just using the cage to get away from the excess of hugs fro his mummy. :)

lova said...

hey did you check the new piece on the dog whisperer ?

Mosilager said...

hi alison, we don't have have the dog park membership... there are day passes though, right? so maybe sometime over the weekend? booboo is still not recovered enough to run around with other dogs but ginga is fine.

hi rohini - he just went in on his own... it's like a little den for the 2 of them, sometimes they can be seen there.

ellee - thanks for visiting... i thought there were some funny blogger stories that i had come across a while back, i'll try to look for them.

The Visitor said...

Ginga does look cosy :)
PS: Ranjit - word verification is a pain - do get rid of it. I too had it early on, but removed it - and I haven't yet got spam.

Mosilager said...

hi visitor - he can do that all day. ok done... removed picture verification.. let's see what it brings.

The Visitor said...

Wow lova - I needed that link that you gave to the slate site on dog whisperer. Thanks.
@mosi - thanks for removing word /pic verification. :)

The Visitor said...

Mosilager - see what might happen if you remove word verification. Look at the comments!

Mosilager said...

yeah that's a mess visitor... but I'm sure Sidin doesn't have time to moderate all the comments. In my case I get email whenever there's a comment so I can delete spam if it shows up.

e said...

Hi There
You have such beautiful dogs, BooBoo and Ginga. I haven't read everything but what's Ginga doing with a cast?
Nice meeting you.
Fei & E

Mosi Lager said...

Hi e thanks... which picture are you referring to? There's a booboo cast picture - he just had surgery for patellar luxation (dislocated kneecap) so he was in a cast for a bit but Ginga's never been in a cast. He did sprain his tail once... the doc said it's common and will be ok soon... which it was, in a week.

e said...

Yep. that was boo boo in a cast alright. Is he recovering well? Poor baby.

I love your blog. Can I link it? I am going to save it to read all of it slowly.

We would also like to invite you to join our Black Dogs are Special cause. We are collecting stories about Black, Black & Tan dogs who now live in happy loving homes. It is an ongoing effort of the Black Dog Syndrome website and cause to encourage more people NOT to overlook black dogs and to adopt them. Black dogs unfortunately, have a high rate of euthanisation and low adoption rates because of the misconceptions peoplehave.

Great Blog! Im glad I found it.
Fei & E

Mosilager said...

Hi e and Fei you have an awesome blog too... although only read a few posts... please feel free to link! I'll put yours on the blogroll too. It's very odd that black dogs don't get adopted very much. Don't quite understand that!

Alyson said...

Hi Ranjit,
Yes, you can get a day pass at Buckles on South 4th st. Abby and I are going out of town this weekend, but we can try after that. She may still be with me for a while as we have not had any luck finding the perfect home for her.
I don't mind, because she's so sweet :)

We are down to 12 animals in the house (was 14 last week)!!

Alyson said...

Black dogs - especially big black mutts - have the most trouble getting adopted everywhere and the shelter here in town is no exception.
We always have plenty of wonderful black doggies who go overlooked for the flashier colored doggies.

It is the same with black cats!

Amrita said...

Mos, Nice pic of you and Ginga!
Did Abby find a home yet?

Mosilager said...

you are so awesome! 14 animals, wow. We're lucky our rental place lets us have the doggies and cat... but we can't foster, unfortunately. OK it's a plan then, I'll get day passes from buckles and we can arrange to meet at the dog park sometime. let me know when you get back.

Thanks :) Lova took the picture. Abby still doesn't have a permanent home but she does have a blog. Hopefully we can convince the doc to take her, maybe after we all meet at the park :)