11 May 2006

Pawsted by imei

Little Angels Gingaboo~

One day I thought about that, many many years later, gingaboo will become little angels. Right then I had an image of ginga, with short wings, trying so hard to flying higher to reach the food. And booboo has nice lean pair of wings, gracefully moving around, and suddenly sees ginga trying to catch him up. Fatass?? again??? wooofwoooooofff~~~ haha~~
the other day, Lova woke up with ginga on the floor right by the bed. We think he must have fallen again from the bed and not noticed it. Funny ginga. He usually sleeps so deeply at night anyway and always snores. Since he is very cushiony the floor probably is as comfy as the bed. Booboo on the other hand prefer either behind the couch or under the bed. I wonder how those skinny bones can feel comfy there. Last night though they completely swithed. Ginga was behind the couch while booboo was on the bed. Yah, ginga fit in behind the couch!!! All those workout with the water bags finally pays off!!!! Booboo is also getting healthier and putting on some weight. Good boys!! mama is proud!!!!

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