20 May 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Dog whisperer piece in "The New Yorker"

Cesar Milan is getting the star treatment. Experts are trying to understand what makes him so effective at keeping dogs "calm and submissive". Cesar likes the energy flow to be just right, his dogs relaxed and happy and his "humans" to be "pack leaders". OK, I cannot do this, Ranjit, will you take over please ? Anywho, check out that article if you have time. It is written by my favorite author, Malcom Gladwell and the piece can even appeal to non-dog person as it touches subject such as presence and charisma.
In a related news, Ginga and Boo went for a long walk in the woods with their friend Lili. They met this dog who was very friendly but full of energy and in dire need of "cesaring"( video soon to come).

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