05 May 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

I knew a lawsuit was coming

I was wondering for ever why Cesar Millan had not been sued yet by somebody - it's the price of fame in the U.S.... and apparently he has been sued twice this week, once by an ex-publicist who says she built up the idea for the Dog Whisperer and owns the copyright for the plot and Cesar negotiated with NatGeo to get the show. Another one by a TV producer who says that his dog was harmed at the Dog psychology center in an incident involving a treadmill and a choke collar. Hope the doggie is ok and everything gets sorted out... I would hate for Cesar's methods (which work) to be discredited because of this... lots of dog owners have been able to control their dogs because of Cesar's methods.

In other news, Cesar was on South Park... man that was a funny show... Cartman is out of control and Nanny 911 was unable to sort him out so they send for Cesar. I must say that they got the aspects of his training stuff correct, but definitely don't use that on your kids!


Rohini said...

If his methods work, I hope he survives this. I would have paid the moon for someone like him to come and help me fix my dog problems so that I could have kept them after the baby.

Mosilager said...

There have been episodes where he's sorted out similar things to what you described about Beanz and Buddy... Happy belated mother's day by the way... A. will soon start to give you greeting cards :)

Mansoora said...

I'm addicted to Cesar! I don't think his methods are bad. And I hope he walks outta these lawsuits just fine.

Oh just so you now Mosilager..I went to the Humane Society the other day and walked a rottweiler..well it looked like a rottweiler/collie mix. Soo cute! If only I had a bigger place..I'd take him in! :)

Mosilager said...

hi mansoora... that's awesome... little rottie. apparently cesar was not even in the state when the incident with the dog happened... but I think he would be liable for any damages unless the owners signed a waiver.

Anonymous said...

Would you people be so happy if Cesar had taken your own dog and returned him to you in intensive care with a 40% chance of survival, and an esophagus so damaged that he will never be able to eat normally again? The vet bills are over $25,000 already. And I know what I'm talking about, as I know the people involved.

Mosilager said...

anon... i don't think any of us are happy about it as you seem to suggest. Kindly read the post and comments before adding your own, otherwise your opinion sounds to us like 'flame bait'. We're all very unhappy and hope the doggie and owners recover from it. I also clearly said that if the incident happened at the dog psychology centre then cesar is liable, regardless of if he was personally there or not. (See my last comment).
BTW if you know the parties involved, how is the doggie doing? when will he be back to normal? I think it's awesome that the owner loves his dog so much that he spent so much in medical bills.