17 May 2009

Pawsted by imei

GB to the big apple~

Today is the day that GB pays their first tribute to the big city!!
They saluted the Statue of Liberty on Verrazano bridge through the misty sky
They got off at fifth ave in Brooklyn headed to Prospect park.
They were joined by their parents and friends, running across the meadow,
Enjoyed a whole afternoon full of sunshine and BBQ
Played frisbee and fetched sticks
Walked the waterfall trail
observed ducks
barked at kids
left lots of marks
got massaged from many people
saw lots of city dogs
and safely returned home!


Amrita Rajagopal said...

Lova!! You're in New York? Call me!

mosilager said...

Looks like they had so much fun! GB's taking a bite of the big apple. I'm sure there were lots of interesting things to sniff...