15 February 2009

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Updates On Valentine's day

Many apologies For the lack of updates from the World of Ginga, Booboo and Chleo.
The 4-legged considered firing their current ghost writer and hire a new one if he did not make it write by them.
So since the most interesting tidbits from Ginga, Booboo and Kitty come randomly and are often caught when I am away from the computer but with my phone at hand, it made sense to get the guys a twitter account that allows for photos to be posted instantly.
So if you are on twitter, follow them at http://twitter.com/gingaboo. If you are not a twitter person, the updates are available in the right column.
Since they are now media moguls, Ginga , Boo also have a facebook page on dogbook Chleo is evidently on catbook.

Finally a few fun stories:

- Booboo managed to lock Khleo in the closet, I have no idea how.
- Ginga and Kitty had a Valentine nap together
-Booboo did not like to be left out, voiced his anger and got a scratch on the nose from Khleo for being such a sour loser.

Now a few photos of the V-day evening:

Happy belated V-Day everyone. Hope you don't get your nose scratched ( Boo is fine , he is a tough, albeit too vocal guy)


mosilager said...

Happy Valentine's day, Ginga Boo and Kitty.

imei said...

fuhnah fuhnah fuh.......