19 May 2009

Pawsted by imei

GB's journy to Princeton and beyond...

Ok, this post really should come about a month ago but we've had a busy month settling in...well, not really. We are just lazy! Anyway, here is how GB and the fat cat got to where they are:
At the beginning of April, we drove two cars with ginga, booboo, fatcat, and bunch of furniture on the road trip from Purdue to Princeton. We had to stop for a night just so the fufus wouldn't be too tired/stressed. Ginga, with no surprise, was doing very well in the car and the hotel; comfortably took one of the bed all to himself.

Fat cat was the one who stressed out, hiding under the bed and it took her awhile to start exploring around the hotel room.

Booboo, while doing quite well in the car and in the hotel, had a seizure episode on the second day on highway. We had to make an emergency stop, but he as usual was fine soon afterward.

Once we arrived at the apartment it didn't take them too long to establish each other's position.

But it took us awhile to deal with the people in the apartment and settle in with a new routine. Now that everyone is used to the new place, we started to explore more around the Princeton area! So far, GBs have been to the Carnegie lake trail around Princeton,

The mountain lake park

The Princeton communiversity event

The Prospect park in Brooklyn NY

And the Mercer county park! (pictures to come)
Alright! It may seem like we do not work, but, actually, we, we don't....
There's still a list of parks that we would like to pay a visit so the GB can decide their favorite one. But, they already found their favorite doggie pastry store on Nassau!!


Mosilager said...

Awww... great photos of the GBs and Kitty. True to form they're settling in well. Thanks for taking care of them so well... I'll be back soon.

Therese said...

The park there looks beautiful! I bet the dogs love it.