18 December 2005

Pawsted by Mosilager

GB in the snow

Ginga and Boo-boo are enjoying in the snow! They would be out there all the time if it was up to them. I think they get more active in the -10 weather we were having, unlike us who don't want to do much. B behaved badly in the park today, escaping through a hole in the fence and chasing rabbits in some woods. Well that's understandable, but he wouldn't come when called and eventually had to be caught when he got tired. Bad boo-boo!!!! We also had a Sierra sighting, she escaped again, this time we found the owners quickly.

वह दोनों स्नो मे खेल रहे हैं। अगर उनकी सुनो तो वह बाहर -१० तापमान मे हमेशा रहने कॆ लिए तैयार हैं। हमारी तरह सुस्ती नहीं होती उनहें ठण्ड मे। आज बू-बू किसी खरगोश के पीछे दौड़ के दूर चला गया, तो उसके पीच्छे आधे घण्टे हम भागे। गिंगा भी दौडा था, लेकिन बुलाने पर वह वापस आ गया। और हम लोग सिएर्रा से भी फिर से मिले, वह फिर भाग आई। इस बार उसके लोगों से हम जलदी मिले।


lova said...

Hey ya there roomie,

Nice pics, :-)

Found out who the GB stalker is yet ? Anyhoo, welcome stalker :-) You have entered the GB's domain fanatics.
How about postings GB's family pics ?

se ya

Anonymous said...

Lovely and cuddly dogs indeed! And they look cool in snow!