04 June 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Walk through the woods

Ginga and BooBoo visited their friend Lily at her house. Here's Lily:
20060603_1642 copy 20060603_1614 copy

Some chasing going on...
20060603_1575 copy

20060603_1617 copy

Lily rustled up some deer... Ginga did a double take, I think it's the first time that he's seen deer... he started to give chase but realized that 'them giant rabbits way too fast'.
20060603_1618 copy

Fatass did some work for a change... this backpack is awesome! I was supposed to review it which I'll do later... but the bottom line of that review is that it keeps Ginga behaving well and excercises his muscle and lets us carry water / treats for them easily. Win win...
20060603_1599 copy

It's hot out here!
20060603_1581 copy

20060603_1593 copy

Walking makes me hungry!
20060603_1612 copy

Cooling down at home... well it looks like they still have a lot of energy.
20060603_1645 copy

Lily wanted to come back with us... maybe she can come for a vacation later and play with the GingaBoo.

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Mansoora said...

Nice pictures. Doggies are all cute. The last pic looks scary with his teeth..yikes..