20 June 2006

Pawsted by imei

Booboo's knee

For awhile booboo has had a knee/leg problem that everytime he gets up after laying under the couch or sleeping for a short time it seems that his left back leg is sleepy or hurting. Last saturday morning I went to walk gingaboo and encouraged them to play with each other. Ginga got excited and ran directly into booboo. Booboo whined a bit and stop right there, lift his leg up and looked at me. Ginga ran back to play and boo barked at him, but his barking was all whine, no voice was coming out. I went to check him and he was lying down. After that and all sunday he seemd to be ok, walking ok, not putting too much weight on that leg; and still has it sleepy when coming out of the couch. So Monday daddy Lova took him to the doctor. Apperantly he had a dislocated knee in one leg and a sprained knee or thigh on the other. Both the back legs were bad. Poor booboo. I am not sure that ginga running into hin had cause all this since the sleepy leg problem was there for a long time. But at least when we took him to the doctor in May he had been checked and it was thought to be fine. Good ginga was there by booboo's side when they went to the doctor together. It didn't seem to hurt booboo too much with the dislocated knee but he is on pain killer now and should not run or move too much. We are adviced to check at least a week to see if it gets better. I am happy we took him to the doctor. I guess it can't hurt to be super cousious. Booboo also lost couple pounds, maybe due to the summer heat (coz ginga also lost one, haha). It's time for a hair do for the booboo.

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