28 March 2010

Pawsted by imei

And suddenly spring is here~~

Because we are lazy, the blog post for the winter didn't get really far...and now it's SPRING!
Well GingaBoo's been having a blast since the winter. They had tons of visitors, played lots of snow, and are now enjoying the sunny weekends.

We've been walking around Princeton quite a bit whenever the weather is nice on weekends. GB really love the river and campus. They are true Princeton tigers!
After a long and harsh winter (which they enjoyed!) and lots of comfy food (which they also enjoyed!!), it's time for all of us to walk the extra fat off!
Hopefully we can keep this up and get more regular posts from now on....


Anonymous said...

Every college campus I've ever been to -- and I've been to many -- has spots of tremendous landscaped beauty and tranquility; and the awful irony is that all of it mostly lost on the students, most of whom can't pull their heads out of their books for long enough to look around and enjoy it all.
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Roni said...

I like winter better than spring... why? Because my rabbits are so behave and most of the time just stay in their rabbit hutches and burrow or file up with their roommates. So disciplined no chewing around my things.